Jonathan Edwards for today

I read Josh Moody’s ‘Jonathan Edwards and The Enlightenment’ some months back as part of my doctoral studies and hugely enjoyed it. I sensed that of many of the books I had read on Edwards Moody’s showed an unusually perceptive grasp of Edwards’ thought and what he was about. It was with a sense of anticipation that I then picked up Moody’s ‘The God-Centred Life: Insights from Jonathan Edwards for Today.’ And I was not disappointed. This is a very good book. If you are unfamiliar with Edwards it is useful introduction to his thought and why so many have found him helpful. More than that Moody is very perceptive in applying just what it is about Edwards’ thought that is so relevant to us today. He moves beyond the simple hailing of Edwards as an icon of Calvinist orthodoxy and really thinks through the implications of his thought for today. Whilst it is a book that has much to say to any thoughtful reader I found it had particular relevance for me as a pastor.
So pick it up and read it for your profit. Then pass it on to a pastor you know.

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