Is there not something wrong?

I want to ask a fundamental question to Christian readers of this blog. Is there not something wrong when Christian industries are making Christian millionaires? Today in the US alone the Christian retail and publishing industry is worth in excess of $4 billion a year. A lot of people are getting rich from peddling Christianity and not just in the US. I asked someone here involved in the Christian music scene what they thought of one song writer. They said they didn’t like his music but they admired him. Why did they admire him? Answer: because he was one of the few Christian musicians they knew who wasn’t trying to become a millionaire.
Another friend told me of how their church was inviting a well-known singer-songwriter to lead their worship. He asked for a four figure fee to lead the praise for one morning service. (I’m not sure if I was more agog at the singer or the church who agreed to his demands.)
The truly alarming thing however in the midst of this is not really avarice dressed up as spirituality. The truly alarming thing is that the evangelical church is increasingly driven by market-forces. Forces created by Christian industries who are dressing up their wares as being spiritually beneficial. And a gullible Christian public- including many of its leaders- is following the market lead.
So let me ask, is there not something wrong when Christian industries are creating Christian millionaires?

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