A Premature Forecast?

Like many I enjoy Alister McGrath’s books with their lucid prose. He has it seems a simple way of putting across otherwise complex ideas. His book The Twilight of Atheism is no different as he skilfully exposes the soft underbelly of atheism. However I have 3 reservations about the book.

1. I wonder does his simplicty sometimes descend into over-simplification. Is atheism really the spent force he suggests? Whilst I agree with much of his analysis I am not convinced that atheism is just as outmoded at this point in time as he suggests. Perhaps more late afternoon than twilight?

2.A few of his views descend into caricature e.g. on puritanism and the French revolution, which leaves me wary of how he dismisses in cavalier fashion some of the ideas I am not as familiar with.

3. As he does in his book Bridge-Building I think he once again rather too glibly dismisses the Reformed response to these questions. And once again in doing so I think he somewhat misrepresents the Reformed postion.

On the whole a good read but the nagging doubts are there.


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