10 Theological Reflections on Genesis 1:1

There can be few more controversial chapters in the Bible than Genesis 1. As we look at it we must remember that it is above all a theological explanation the origins of the world. So I want to offer 10 theological reflections on the chapter.

  1. God is eternal- existing outside time
  2. In the beginning there is nothing except God- there is other rival or competing force. Therefore everything else that is has been created.
  3. God created all things- He is eternal, matter is not.
  4. God exists in Trinity- it offers a pre-trintitarian vision of God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  5. God is separate from the world that He has created.
  6. God created by simple fiat- His word is powerful
  7. Creation is orderly- it is not random and chaotic
  8. There is nothing that exists outside of God that He has not created
  9. God is all that is real since He alone exists outside creation
  10. There is only one true God- the God revealed in Genesis 1


One Response to “10 Theological Reflections on Genesis 1:1”

  1. Feargal Says:

    This is as true to the spirit of the chapter as I have ever seen. Forget Ken Ham et al; Genesis 1:1 sets a philosophic stage, upon which the human drama will unfold. It is ANTI-MYTH, in that it takes familiar elements of Sumerian mythology and turns them on their heads (eg the war upon Tiamat, and the role of the sun, moon and stars).

    God is not the creation, for then he would be amoral. God is not determined by the creation, for then he would be only phenomenal. God is not totally separated from the creation, for then he would be totally transcendant and unreachable.

    The creation is orderly, it is beautiful, it exists for God (and we are only bit actors in the drama). Emphasise that and we are closer, I believe, to the truth.

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