Whatever happened to…?

Whatever happened to the ‘The Lost Tomb of Jesus'( or as it was more affectionately known Jesus in a Box). Or what happened to the ‘Da Vinci Code’? Or going back further into the mists of time ‘The Last Temptation of the Christ.’ We were told at the time that these various media events would rock Christianity to the core. Sadly it was the Christians who were telling us this. There is a timely warning here about the church being driven by the world’s agenda. CH Spurgeon once remarked we should not take our sermons from the newspaper. It’s a lesson that we need to learn in this age when the media is so powerful- but whose message is also so very transient.

We also need to be careful that we are not suckered by Christian industries to buying into their products which are utterly essential to refute these faith shattering attacks!

As Christians we are assured by Jesus promise, ‘I will build my church.’ We rest in that and therefore should realise that these great media driven events do nothing to drive the King’s agenda off course.

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