Rowan, Reparations and Real Repentance

‘While it sounds simple to say alright we should pass on the reparation[for the losses incurred by the Church of England due to the abolition of slavery] that was received exactly to whom?’ says Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. Such are the dilemmas of being an Archbishop. Here once again is the church being driven by a politically correct agenda. If we are going to go around apologising to people who have repressed us and who our ancestors have repressed we are going to find ourselves as Christians in almost infinite regress. The slavery endured by African people was unspeakably horrific. But let us not get involved in the blame game or indeed the pitiful simplicity of rewriting history.

Surely the great need of today is not to apologise for the sins of our fathers. But to repent of our own sins. But that I suppose would be a bit too close to home. For we would have to face up to the evils of the present day. We would have to call sin for what it is (an offence against God) in a blame free culture.
Furthermore true repentance involves not hand wringing over the past but to change by addressing the issues of the present.

We need as Christians to recover the faith that fired Wilberforce and his co-workers. We need also to recover some of the backbone that enabled them to stand up and be counted for an unpopular cause, for no personal gain, simply because it was right and glorifying to God.

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