The latest trend in some churches it seems is to have a service arranged around the music of U2. One Anglican church has called it U2-charist. I like the music of U2 and find them a significant musical voice in a world of pap music. But I do have a problems with church services arranged around their music.

1. Whilst their music may have a moral, indeed ‘spiritual’ quality, it is not designed for worship. Bono may argue that the psalms are the blues of the OT but the Psalms are designed for worship- ‘Still haven’t found what I’m Looking for’ isn’t.

2. Why arrange a service around the music of U2? It seems another feeble attempt in the contemporary church’s search for relevance. Scripture is God’s living word- it doesn’t need U2 to make it relevant.

3. Part of the reason that U2’s music is chosen is because of Bono’s work on behalf of issues of poverty. Whilst his work is to be commended especially when we see the behaviour of other stars I do question it. Is Bono really going to make poverty history? Or was Jesus right when He said the poor will always be with you? Churches that are buying into Bono’s vision are not earthing themselves in the Bible’s vision of our world.

Bono is a commendable man. He appears to be doing a lot of good. But we have missed the mark if we let his music and agenda shape our worship and mission as churches.

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