I Will Build My Church

I came across this account of the growth of the church in Ethiopia recently and think it really deserves to be more widely known. Sudan Interior Mission (now known as SIM) began its work in Ethiopia in 1919. By 1938 the last SIM missionaries left Ethiopia due to the Italian invasion. When they left there were less than 150 believers. During the following war years SIM had no contact with the Ethiopian believers. When they returned to the country in 1941 after the Allies had pushed out the invading Italian army they found a church of 10,000 members! By 1943 there were over 40,000 believers in almost 300 churches. By 1950 there were over 350 churches. Today despite a history of persecution, famine, poverty and political unrest in Ethiopia there are over 5,000 churches.

It is yet another wonderful story of the many that could be told of how Jesus is fulfilling His promise that He will build His church and not even the gates of Hades will overcome it.

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