There’s Nonsense and then there’s Nonsense

Writing in the Times comedian David Baddiel says, ‘Logically religion is, of course, nonsense. Attacking it with logic, especially if you are as bright as Dawkins, causes its arguments to disintegrate so quickly that it can seem like bullying, like breaking a butterfly on a wheel.’ Its not without irony that Baddiel begins his article by noting how out of date he is with cultural trends! It has obviously completely by-passed him that religious belief has not crumbled away under the supposed genius of Dawkins. Indeed it has often been Dawkins’ ‘logic’ that has been exposed as absurd.

Baddiel then goes on to offer his own explanation of religion. He rejects a Darwinian explanation of religion and argues, ‘what drives us are not the basic positives any more but the basic negatives: anxiety, fear, incomprehension, the desperate need to think that we know, to be “right”all the time, and, above all, to be parented – and there you have him, God.’ Obviously the exposure of the Freudian explanation of religious consciousness has also passed him by. Religion cannot be reduced to some Freudian father-complex since not all religions have a father figure.

I have a problem with a certain breed of atheist. My problem is with these smug characters like Baddiel who dismiss religion as being nonsense but then proceed to argue their case based upon such palpable nonsense themselves. They try to defend their views as being different from religion since they have things coolly analysed. However it becomes clear that they have decided to reject religion on grounds that has nothing to do with careful intellectual analysis.

Rightly the Bible says it is the fool who has said in his heart ‘there is no God.’

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