The Protestant Revolution- Part Two

Another curious programme- did a quick shot of a naked woman during mardi gras really help us understand Protestantism and its cultural impact? Last night’s programme focussed upon sex and the family. Hunt pointed out that Protestantism changed the view of sexuality within Christianity.  Where Protestantism gave a much more positive view of sexuality. Although he did insist upon arguing that there was a tension in Protestantism between it democratic tendency and the patriarchy of the Bible.

Again the programme tended to jump about a bit. The most dissatisfying part of the programme is the presenters inability to distinguish between cultural trends and the impetus that arises from Protestantism itself. For example was the move for woman’s sufferage something that arose from Protestantism or was it part of a wider cultural trend that some Protestant woman latched onto? Protestantism is in the series as a whole very loosely defined.

To be honest the programme is really rather dull.

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