It’s Good to Rant

I’ve just come across an article on the BBC website about a company (church?) who have started to sell a range of mobile phone products aimed at Christians including downloads of the Bible, Christian themed wallpapers, music etc. I suppose there must be sufficient interest in this to warrant the product. But at the risk of revealing my Luddite tendencies I think what’s the point of this? My inclination that here is not only a dumbing down of the gospel but a trivialisation of it was reinforced when a pastor was quoted as saying here was a way of getting the message across in ‘a fun, funky way.’

I couldn’t help but contrast this with a comment by John Stott that one of the great barriers to the gospel is the fact that people think that here is something too trivial to deal with the big issues of life. What kind of a faith do people have that they need a fun, funky way of commending it to others? The great message of the Bible is neither fun nor funky but deals with matters of eternal consequence. But here is another headline grabbing piece of here today gone tomorrow nonsense that will leave people once again laughing at the pathetic church.

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