50 and Out

‘Living Church’ is John Stott’s fiftieth and final book. He writes it as the convictions of a life-long pastor. For those familiar with Stott’s books there is much that is familiar and much that you will taste elsewhere- which is no doubt fitting for someone summing up 60 years in ministry. The book is full of typical Stott virtues- humility, careful textual reading, reflection on church and culture. And of course a call for BBC- Biblically Balanced Christianity.

I suppose one of the surprising themes for me is just how much Stott’s book is suffused with Anglicanism, including an apologia for it in an appendix. It strikes me that his view of Anglicanism owes more to a romantic than a realistic view of Anglicanism. But of course his views are stated clearly and courteously as one would expect. But whether Anglican or not there is much to be gained for the careful reader especially as he calls us to think about the church.

Stott also gives a nod to the emergent church but I wonder how far he would still be sympathetic now that its agenda has become clearer?

As I said in a previous blog the church is indebted to Stott for his half century of work in promoting the cause of Christ and it should be our prayer that God would continue to raise up men of his calibre for a new generation.

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