A World (Champion) Without God

Nigel Benn, former world boxing champion is interviewed in today’s Times newspaper. On the subject of being world champion he states, ‘What’s it all about?’ Being world champion, you had money, you had flash cars – Bentleys, Ferraris – you had a big house, you had women, you had this, you had that, but what was it all about? Where was true happiness? In a nutshell, it was all total destruction. Did the world title bring me happiness? Absolutely not. Did it bring me fame and wealth? That’s about it.’ Its a true assessment of the emptiness of fame by someone whose purpose has now been found in as he describes it ‘doing the will of the Father.’ Benn is now a pastor in Majorca with the Vineyard church and has found peace, joy and fulfillment in serving others.

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3 Responses to “A World (Champion) Without God”

  1. pastor keith Says:

    A world without God to me is this, I wouldn’t want to live in a world knowing that at the end of time that there would not be an everlasting life.
    And also, walking with my Savior each and everyday felling His pressents in my life, and someone to tell all my troubles to, and someone to ask forgiveness to, A world without God would be an (Empty) world.
    Our Lord and Savior should always come first in our lives. Sin can run free in this world, but to know that after death, we who know Jesus Christ will go to heaven when all the rest go to Hell. I pray that everyone who see’s this comment, will ask forgiveness of sin, and feel free in their lives. knowing that there is a real God,and His Son Jesus Christ. So a world without God would be an (Empty World) and not worth living in.
    Pastor Keith

  2. Herman Abrahams Says:

    Hi, I notice that Nigel Benn is a pastor with a Vineyard church in Majorca. I wonder if someone could please help me- I want to get into contact with a church which has “Vineyard” as part of its name. The church is in Majorca. The senior pastor is a Spanish brother his wife is English. I visited the church in 1999 and have since lost contact with them.
    Please help by mailing me at hermanabrahams@yahoo.com.
    God bless.
    Herman Abrahams
    e-mail: hermanabrahams@yahoo.com
    phone: +27-82 663 4108

  3. Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal Says:

    “What profits a man or woman who gains the whole wide world but forfeits their very soul!”

    Only God can take a mess and turn it into a message for His glory; and a loving God has taken Nigel Benn out of a dark world of destruction and placed Him in a beautiful kingdom that it is full of everlasting light, life, and unconditional love.

    May God continue to use and bless Pastor Nigel Benn abundantly for His glory and give him all his heart’s desires.

    God bless you, your family and your ministry Pastor Nigel Benn.

    P.S. I hope Charlie Hale gave you my book (Jesus His-story, Unexplainable yet Undeniable)??

    Love always from JOHN 3-34 Evangelist Daniele xxx

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