The Truth of the Cross

I first read a book by RC Sproul during my student days- 20+ years ago. It was a breath of fresh air with Sproul’s sound theology, humour and readable style. I soon had my girlfriend and friends reading him. Since then I have read his works off and on- some being better than others. He has published a new work called ‘The Truth of the Cross.’ I’ve just read the first chapter online and it is classic Sproul.

One of the striking things that he points out in the chapter is that people today are not interested in justification. They really find it somewhat unnecessary. Insofar as they do believe in justification, he states, they neither believe in justification by faith or works. But they believe in ‘justification by death.’ In other words everyone gets into heaven. It is a powerful way of stating what I’ve observed in reality at funerals. When facing the death of a loved one few people have any sense that there is a heaven to be gained and a hell to be avoided. Their loved one will go to heaven- simply because they love them. They will in Sproul’s phrase achieve justification by death.

It is a sobering commentary on just how far our modern generation is in its thinking from traditional Christian values and understanding. And it presents us with the immense challenge of communicating the truth of the cross to such a generation. We need Spirit- filled persuasion where we impress upon them the urgent necessity of dealing with eternal realities.

You can read the first chapter of Sproul’s book at

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