Brooks’ Lectures on Preaching

I once heard John Stott speak on preaching. Interestingly he said everything he had learned about preaching he had learned from Spurgeon. He also referred to Phillips ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ Brooks’ Yale lectures on preaching which I have finally got around to reading. Brooks defines preaching as truth through personality and as result much of his work is focussed upon the man behind the sermon. As such the book is a refreshing book on preaching and a challenging one at that. For instance Brooks’ stress upon a man’s need to love truth for truth’s sake and not just for making sermon. But there is also much to be gleaned from his asides on matters relating to preaching such as preaching old sermons, whether we should preach twice on Sunday, on writing or not writing sermons, imitating other preachers etc. There are also some amusing comments such as his comment on the man who leaves his preparation to Saturday and then proves that he has done so on Sunday! There are also some interesting and unusual topics covered such as thoughts on the positive value of persistent critics. His section on ministry in the present age whilst over 100 years old tackles issues that still have a contemporary resonance.

All in all a good read for preachers.

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