Jesus-The Missing Years

Well at last for all of you who were wondering what occurred during Jesus life between his visit to the temple aged 12 and his baptism around thirty you are about to find out the answer. Courtesy of Hollywood. A new $20 million dollar production, ‘The Aquarian Gospel’ is to go into production. The film seeks to tell how Jesus during this period went to India and embraced Indian religions including Buddhism and Hinduism. It purports to be based on scholarship. Suitably the film is being created by the team behind the film 300– a fantasy based on a comic book. Perhaps the whole enterprise is best summed up by the Guardian newspaper which describes it as ‘a fantasy action adventure account of Jesus’s life.’

I know lots of Christians will get hot under the collar about this historically inaccurate portrayal of Jesus. But it strikes me that Hollywood will once again do the cause of the gospel a great service- a bit like Dawkins does. For once again Hollywood- unintentionally- will bring the discussion about Jesus into the public arena. It will make the church interact with the surrounding culture. And it will get people reading the gospels. All in all it will be an instrument in the hands of the living Lord to bring people into His kingdom. Which is a far cry from the producers aims to fill a few cinema seats with a sensationalist misrepresentation of Jesus.


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