Edwards’ Religious Affections

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I have been re-reading Jonathan Edwards’ Religious Affections. I’ve finished it and really it is a must read classic. Unfamiliar with his style and language the first time I read it I really struggled. It took me several stop-start attempts across a few years to finally get through it but it was great. This time, more familiar with Edwards, I got through it much more quickly, thoroughly profited from it once again and saw many things that I missed the first time round. The book is a quite brilliant spiritual pathology that at once inspires and cuts deeply. It is well worth every minute spent on it by the careful reader. If you have to read one book that’s really going to stretch you in your Christian life make it this one.

Incidentally Sam Storms, founder of Enjoying God Ministries has produced a book called Signs of the Spirit which he has called an interpretation of Religious Affections. It is an attempt to make Edwards’ thought accesible to the 21st century. If you are unfamiliar with Edwards it may be a good place to start.

One reviewer says of the aim of the book ‘By staying biblically grounded one can truly embrace full humanity, emotions, intellect, spiritual affections in the redeemed image of God.’ That really is what Religious Affections is all about.

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