Goodbye to All That

A recent survey has revealed what we all know to be the case. That in the last twenty years Britain has become a more ‘tolerant’ society. For ‘tolerant’ read that immorality scarcely raises an eyebrow.

  • 70% say sex before marriage is acceptable
  • Over 60% think marriage and cohabitation are much the same
  • Over 60% think divorce can be a positive step in someone’s life
  • Only 32% think homosexual partnerships are mostly wrong. Less than 20% think that they are always wrong.

Britain has become a society where everyone does what is right in their own eyes. One statistic however jumped out at me. That is that 85% believe that adultery is almost always wrong. (I assume by this people mean any form of infidelity even involving cohabitees and same-sex couples. ) My question is why amidst the social mores that people now accept should they think that adultery is something wrong? What is it that makes this wrong whilst other immoral behaviour is right?

The statistics on what is now acceptable whilst adultery is regarded as wrong shows our far we have been impacted by post-modernity. There is for people no metanarrative to help them create an over-arching moral framework. We live in a society that has turned its back upon God and has lost its faculty for moral reasoning. We have sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind.

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