It’s Sunday but Monday’s Coming

It’s Monday but what do you remember of Sunday’s sermon(s)? How quickly we can forget what we hear on Sunday and suddenly the word of God is no longer to our profit. In 1734 Jonathan Edwards preached a sermon on Hebrews 2:1 on the danger of hearing the word of God preached and then neglecting what we have heard. Although the whole sermon is worth reading his applicatory comments are helpful and worth considering on a Monday! Below I’ve given some heads in relation to his applications.

  1. Hearers should listen diligently and seek instruction.
  2. Seek to put what you have heard into practice at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Review what you have heard as the days pass.
  4. Meditate in particular upon those things that have made the greatest impression upon you.
  5. Pray over what you have heard.
  6. Discuss what you have heard with others.
  7. Do not fill Sunday with diversions that will detract from God’s word.

We are all swift to speak of a poor preacher but there are many of us who are poor hearers and we need to give more careful attention to ourselves.

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