With the media obession that seems to follow here everywhere Miley Ray Cyrus aka Hannah Montana has created a feeding frenzy. This because of her decision to pose semi-nude for Vanity Fair magazine. The shoot has caused controversy for a number of reasons. In the first instance it has caused a furore because Miley’s demographic is 9-14 year old girls. What message does this send out? It has caused problems for Miley herself who says shes is embarrassed by the pictures and was conned into them. Obviously getting undressed in front of a photographer didn’t ring any alarm bells then! Furthermore, Miley’s actions have caused controversy coming on the back of her stance as a self-confessed born-again Christian who derives strength and direction from her faith- rewind to Britney Spears. Sadly the question she now faces is whether she has simply sought to trade on her ‘faith’  to bolster her girl next door image which now lies in tatters.

However badly Miley comes out of this those who really come out badly are  her family to whom she ascribes her Christian values. For they are prepared to see their teenage daughter sexualised in the quest to further her career and to keep the golden goose laying.

Miley Cyrus has again shown the perils of using the Christian faith as little more than a marketing tool where Christianity is seen as a market to be wooed. She will undoubtedly be lambasted by some but hopefully she will also hear words of grace. Hopefully the spotlight will move from her to her acquisitive family and they will be called to account. Hopefully too some in the Christian world will take a long hard look at the kind of Christianity that creates poster girls like Miley who are built up for commercial purposes and allowed to be sucked into the show biz beast


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