The Moral Collapse of the UK

If ‘righteousness alone exalts a nation’ then in the last 48 hours the United Kingdom has demonstrated its abasement. In a series of votes passed in Parliament we have seen permission granted for the creation of animal human hybrids for research purposes, permission granted for the creation of ‘saviour siblings’ that is the creation of one life purely for the preserving of another, permission for lesbian couples to have babies without any legal role for the father and the denial of a reduction in the number of weeks at which a human being may be aborted. I feel immensely sad at what has happened. Sad because of what it reveals about the state of the country. Sad for the countless lives that will be destroyed in labs, in wombs and in the aftermath of lesbian adoptions. I feel sad too, indeed ashamed, at my own quiet complicity in all of this. Did I make my voice count? One feeble signature on a petition. Did other Christians make their voices heard?  I scarcely heard a word said by the churches.

I recognise my own need for repentance and that of the nation at this time. We are under the judgement of God and will one day face that judgement. Today we must therefore humble ourselves, repent and call upon His name.

Finally a word of thanks to those courageous men and women in Parliament who sought to withstand this moral capitulation.

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