Getting the Message Across

I remain slightly bemused about the level of interest there is on this side of the Atlantic about the US presidential race. Somehow I can’t think that the Americans will get that excited about our next election. Part of the wild excitement has been over Barack Obama (or should it be O’Bama now that his Irish roots have been revealed). He certainly is a crowd pleaser and I see that in the US some even speak of him in messianic terms.

Yet despite all the brouhaha surrounding Obama and the general sense that the Republicans are in trouble this has not seemingly been reflected in the polls. There it appears the two candidates neck in neck.  An interesting piece in the TImes reflects on why Obama is not way out ahead. It offers a fews suggestions including a holiday which allowed McCain to regain momentum, racial issues and the fact that people are a bit weary of him already- anyone for a chorus of ‘four more years?’ But it suggests that one of the key weaknesses of Obama’s campaign has been that no-one is completely certain of what he stands for. At the minute McCain’s answers are clear and concise, while Obama’s nuanced answers leave the public uncertain of what he stands for- witness the question on abortion at the Saddleback forum.

It left me reflecting not on politics but the gospel. That where the gospel gets a grip upon people’s lives is where it is clearly proclaimed. Sadly today the inability of churches to declare the gospel boldly and to vacillate in its answers to many pressing questions has left society confused. Many people are left to today unclear what the gospel is and what the church stands for. Whilst the church in its ongoing quest for ‘relevance’ has created simply a fog of misunderstanding.

Obama’s campaign might yet lose its way in a fog of confusion- as John Kerry’s did last time. His current predictament should serve as a warning to the church in our day. If we want to speak to our society then we must speak clearly so that people might firmly grasp the gospel and see clearly what the church stands for. If not our campaign too will continue to lose its way.

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One Response to “Getting the Message Across”

  1. annie Says:

    I ask you, why does a Senator from Illinois, go to Europe and make a speech like he is running for “World President”? I guess it’s good that he was received warmly, but so what! What an arrogant and narcistic thing to do. I dont know exactly what it is, but this man truly gives me the “willies”-you know that feeling? like someone running a boney finger up your spine. Obama is a “puppet”, and should he get into the Oval Office, then this facist, socialistic verbage, will begin to manifest itself into all new sorts of “new and improved” laws. (Lord help us). I have always listened to the media with a grain of salt and listen to the “opposite” of what is being said; trust me, you’ll figure it out.

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