Peace in our time- Well, for one Day at least!

In another example of the do-goodery that the famous specialise in Jude Law has been called upon. He is promoting a day of global ceasefire on 21st September- which if it happened would be an excellent way to celebrate my birthday! I’m not quite sure which is the greater in this case- Law’s egotism or his naivety. Does Law really think that if he asks people to stop fighting they will stop? Or that even if his ceasefire came about it would make any material difference? If he has this amount of clout he should be cloned and dispatched to every war zone in the world.

Law’s approach and those who are with him show that enlightenment values are still alive and well. They didn’t die out in the 1980’s with all those people who would say to me, ‘why don’t you people in Northern Ireland just get along with one another?’ Wow! We’d never thought of that!

The desire for peace is of course laudable. Indeed it is natural for that is what we were made for. Only a fool would not long in his heart for peace. But we need to ask ourselves realistically how it will come about. Will it truly come about because an actor asks for it? I read the blurb on a book recently which described the book as possibly the best case for world peace ever assembled. So what? Even my kids could make a great case for world peace. But how will it come? The reality is that it will never come because the sinful desires that lie in the human heart. The desires of pride, greed, and the desire for power override our desire for peace. Never mind our ability to achieve peace.

Peace will only come with the war to end all wars. When Jesus Christ, the prince of Peace, will return triumphant, and overthrow all that stands opposed to Him. And consequently all that stands opposed to his rule of peace, righteousness, justice and joy. In His death and through His resurrection Jesus triumphed over all that stood opposed to Him. He has won the battle and the end of the campaign is not in doubt. Until then we His people must preach the gospel of peace with god through Jesus Christ and seek to live out that gospel of peace in our lives.

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2 Responses to “Peace in our time- Well, for one Day at least!”

  1. Sandy Says:

    You are asking a question that if you really paid attentio to what Jude Law said last year and this year, you would have had the answer. He has asked
    for it to start with a small gesture, even something done in the family or
    among friends of to help people (last year as a restult of the pitch by Jeremy and Jude there was a day of relative peace in Afghanistan when 1.4 mil. children were aable to be vaccinated and there were no taliban
    attacks that day)That is acheivement. More than your mouth accomplishes. So we have every right to believe since things have not
    really progressed from that point to the next the way they should perhaps
    more practise will produce more results this yeaer. Under conditions that
    were dangerous Mr. Law actually went out to Afghanistan to ask for it in
    person and spoke with the Presidenet of the country. If you keep practicing
    a little at a time and keep on doing it it can become a habit and maybe peace will be born of the good habits of these two men who are doing
    something instead of nqysaying and meowing about actiions of the past and long ago. It is today’s fighters that must be trained to look for peace,
    and everywhere there is an interest or an instance, nourish it so that one
    day Peace will come often enough to have arrived. If you don’t try you can
    never succeed.

  2. sibbesian Says:

    Sandy thanks for the comment. I trust in the spirit of peace the reference to ‘my mouth’ does not arise from any sense of hostility on your part! Unfortunately, like Jude you are not living in the real world if you think these gestures will lead to world peace.

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