The Name on Everyone’s Lips

Sarah Palin has been the news story both sides of the Atlantic this week. You would almost think she was running and not McCain. As Palin comes to the fore so does more about her background. Seemingly one of the most common search terms has become ‘Sarah Palin Hot Pics’ although this it seems has come up with poor results! What has become clearer is Palin’s religious background- baptised a Catholic she then became a member of AOG and currently describes herself as an independent. And whilst I’m in favour of Christians being involved in the public square alarm bells have started ringing regarding Palin.

In one news report this week it has merged that she made a speech in Alaska urging support for both the Iraq war and an oil pipeline as being God’s will. When people advocate public policy on the grounds that it is God’s will this leads us into a very scary place. Of course God’s will is clear with regard to certain matters as in the abortion issue and is set out in his word. But to bring the idea of God’s will into matters of general policy where His word of not clear and God’s will is nothing more than a kind of gut feeling is a very alarming pattern. It sends non-Christians running for cover to find that Christians like me are already there.

Coming from N Ireland where religion and politics have long been mixed up it has long been my contention that we should not vote for anyone on the basis that they are a card-carrying, church-going Christian. Instead in politics, as in every walk of life, our concern should be to see those who are most able for the position filling it. Christians, as we know here only too well , and as people like Dubya have proved in the US, do not make infallible leaders. Indeed they often do not know how to combine personal belief with the administration of public policy. Indeed there is such a thing as misplaced Christian zeal.

Whoever becomes President in the US will have a influence on world events. So my American voter friends- choose wisely for all our sakes. Try to see beyond the rhetoric and see who will actually provide the best and most able leadership.

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