Hi. I’m a lecturer at a theological training college in N Ireland. I would describe myself in Jesus’ terms as  ‘a bruised reed’ because I recognise in that language that that is what I am- small, insignificant and bent out of shape by sin. Yet by the grace of God I do matter in His eyes. So much so that He gave His Son to restore someone as seemingly insignificant as me. I delight in that. And I hope that as this blog grows other bruised reeds might find help, encouragement, a little stimulation and similar delight.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Robert Watson Says:

    Thank you for providing a soundboard for we Christians to see and hear others in our faith. I am Southern Baptist and can follow each of your writings that I have spent time reading tonight while waiting fo our Wednesday night Bible Study to begin. Glod bless you! Robert Watson, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

  2. sibbesian Says:

    Robert, thanks for the encouraging comment. I trust that you will know much rich encouragement in your own ministry.

  3. VanessaxGrace Says:

    Nice to meet you, Harriet. Thanks for stopping by my Vine Life Faith!

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