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Faith in a Blanket

July 15, 2007

My grandmother was one of a large family- about a dozen as I recall, although I only ever knew four of them. One of her brothers, was dying, and she urged him to put his faith in Jesus. However, like many, despite being brought up in church he could not quite grasp the idea of faith. He told her he would love to become a Christian but just could not quite grasp the concept of faith.

As he lay dying in his bedroom upstairs he had one great desire and that was that he could just once more go downstairs and sit by the fire. His brother offered to take him down but he found the prospect too frightening as he was in such pain. His brother said that he and my grandfather would carry him downstairs in a blanket. He eventually agreed. But he sought reassurance throughout the short journey from bedroom to sitting room, ‘Are you sure you won’t drop me?’ Gently they carried him down. And once he was downstairs he said to my grandfather, ‘Tell Nancy(my grandmother), I now know what faith is.’ He died not long after that.

As helpless he put his trust in others to carry him and not let he fall God opened his eyes to see the very essence of faith. That in our helplessness we trust completely in Jesus to do all for us that he has promised in his word. That able to do nothing for ourselves he is able to save us completely. As JC Ryle once noted the only thing we contribute to our salvation is the sin from which we need to be saved.