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Eight Things to do with Evil

September 17, 2007

In a recent sermon on the fall of Satan in his sermon series’Global Sins and their Spectacular Purpose in the Glory of Christ’ John Piper offers 8 things that we ought to do with evil-

  1. Expect evil
  2. Endure evil
  3. Give thanks to God
  4. Hate evil
  5. Pray for escape from evil
  6. Expose evil
  7. Overcome evil with good
  8. Resist evil

Then he also offers four things not to do with evil-

  1. Never despair that evil is out of God’s control
  2. Never give in to the sense that because of random evil life is absurd
  3. Never yield to the thought that God sins, is unjust or is unrighteous
  4. Never doubt that God is totally for you in Christ