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A Little Less POMO and A Bit More Solomon

April 17, 2008

Peter Leithart’s book ‘Solomon Amongst the Postmoderns’ offers an intriguing prospect. And to some extent I enjoyed the book. His thesis is that postmodernity is in some respects not such a radical break from modernity but exposes many of the weaknesses of modernity.  He also examines many of the attitudes that underpin pomo. He writes in a pacy manner which allows him to cover significant historical developments in intellectual history quite quickly. The biggest disappointment for me was how little of a look in Solomon received. Other than considering all things to be vapour (Leithart prefers this term to meaningless or vanity) there was little interaction with Solomon.

Overall? An interesting book rather than a must read. If you are preaching on Ecclesiastes you might gain a few interesting lines of enquiry to pursue.